Case Management

Medical Case Management

Living with a chronic illness like HIV can be overwhelming. Beyond issues like stigma and discrimination, navigating the healthcare system can be incredibly challenging and confusing.

If you’re living with HIV, our care coordinators can help you to identify personal strengths and resources to accomplish your goals related to HIV health, mental health, chemical health, healthcare systems navigation, and other complicated situations. We’ll work with you to achieve a level of independence that feels comfortable for you.

Our care coordinators can assist you in managing your health and wellness goals such as:

  • HIV Care
  • Financial Assistance
  • Mental and Chemical Health
  • Insurance
  • Sexual Health and Risk Reduction
  • Peer and Community Support
  • Housing Resources

We provide case management services to people living with HIV in the Twin Cities metro area and its surrounding counties. For more information on case management, contact:

Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

612–373–2437 (Metro)
800–248–2437 (Toll Free)

Mental Health Care Coordination

Rainbow Health offers Care Coordination to help keep clients connected to mental and chemical health services.

The Mental Health Care Coordinator program is designed to deliver acute mental health stabilization services to individuals who meet the criteria for Ryan White CARE Act programs. Participants of these programs must reside in MN, have an HIV diagnosis, and meet income requirements. The Ryan White CARE Act is the payer of last resort, so if an individual who is seeking our services does not have a primary health insurance provider, we can connect those individuals to appropriate resources. This will not prevent them from receiving services in the meantime.

The Treatment Linkage Case Management (TLCM) model will guide client and practitioner interaction during interventions. TLCM is a brief assessment and case management tool which assesses barriers, strengths, and needs to help guide clients to resources at the appropriate levels of care, which will promote long-term recovery. This program will also provide acute crisis psychotherapy, as needed until clients are able to establish services with a long-term treatment provider. Services are usually delivered in 5-6 direct client contact sessions following assessment, over the span of a 60-90-day time period. The length of the program may be extended for special circumstances.


The Minnesota AIDSLine is Minnesota’s statewide information and referral service that can answer your questions about HIV and link you to help. You may reach AIDSLine by phone, text or e-mail.

Call or Text Us at 612-373-2437
E-mail [email protected]