Health Insurance

Overview of Programs

Navigating the complex world of public and private health insurance and health programs can be difficult. Rainbow Health offers free benefits counseling services to everyone, regardless of HIV status, through two different benefits counseling programs.

The first program is designed to help people living with HIV who are income-eligible for Minnesota’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program (Program HH).

The second program is designed to help everyone else, with a specific focus on reaching people who identify as LGBTQ, people living with HIV who do not qualify for Minnesota’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program (Program HH), and people living in communities disproportionately affected by HIV.

Rainbow Health Benefits Counseling

Rainbow Health offers benefits counseling statewide through in–person or phone appointments.

If you’re living with HIV and are enrolled in or think you might be eligible for Minnesota’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program, you can reach a benefits counselor at (612) 373-2468.

If you’re not living with HIV or are living with HIV but believe you might be over-income for Minnesota’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program, you can reach a benefits counselor at (612) 373-2466.

Benefits Counselors can help with:

  • The insurance application process
  • Assessing health plans for their ability to meet your specific health needs
  • Troubleshooting insurance issues

Our Benefits Counselors are experts in:

  • Medical Assistance (MA)
  • MinnesotaCare (MCRE)
  • Qualified Health Plans (QHPs)
  • MNsure
  • Medicare
  • Insurance through an employer
  • Social Security
  • How going back to work might affect your benefits
  • Financial assistance programs at clinics and hospitals
  • Food assistance and cash programs

Public Programs

Program HH

Minnesota’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program (Program HH) is available for Minnesotans living with HIV/AIDS


MNsure is the online marketplace Minnesotans can use to assess their eligibility for public health programs and private health insurance subsidies

Minnesota Health Care Programs

Medical Assistance (MA) is a health care program for individuals under the age of 21, adults with children, pregnant women, disabled persons, and low–income single adults

Trans Health Insurance

How To Get Transition-Related Care Covered in MN

Originally, published by the Rainbow Health Initiative (RHI) in partnership with OutFront MN, this video acts as a mini “how-to” guide of navigating health insurance to cover transition-related care in the state of Minnesota, complete with resources, tips, and links.

In 2018, RHI merged with Minnesota AIDS Project to create Rainbow Health. For additional information about how to use health insurance for transition-related care in Minnesota, contact

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