This page is your one-stop shop for up-to-date answers to your COVID-19 questions. Browse the topic areas below for frequently asked questions and helpful links.

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COVID-19 Resources

How To Stay Safe

FAQ and links around precautions for protecting your community and yourself.


Everything you’re wondering about the COVID-19 vaccine – where to get it, what to expect, how it was made, and more.

Treating and Managing COVID-19

Tips for how to manage when you or a loved one contracts COVID-19.

Coronavirus Variants

A guide to the coronavirus variants, including the Delta variant, and what they mean for you.


When, where, and why to get tested for COVID-19 in Minnesota.

Illustrated COVID-19 Guide

Rainbow Health has partnered with Minneapolis artist A. Andrews to create a series of informational COVID-19 comics for the LGBTQ+ community. Check out this beautifully illustrated guide to staying safe in a pandemic.