Statement on Nudieland Attack

Our hearts are saddened this week as we absorb the impact of yet another hateful, violent attack on our queer/trans community with the shooting at Nudieland. We share the feelings of loss and fear, and we send our love to those affected by this senseless act. Please do what you can to help the victims of this violence by contributing at GoFundMe. To those who attack LGBTQ+ people in our neighborhood and across the globe, remember this: we’re not going anywhere.
Jeremy Hanson Willis, Rainbow Health CEO

To support the Nudieland community during this time, donations through GoFundMe, Venmo, and grocery cards are needed for medical bills, lost wages, rent, food, and other basic needs.

Donate on Venmo
  • Caitlin’s Venmo: @cait-angelica
  • Tonio’s Venmo: @tonio-alarcon-borges
  • Aaron’s Venmo: @aarondive01
  • Fe’s Venmo: @felixmcguire


Contribute to GoFundMe & Meal Train