Message from Cyrus Malbari


Dear Rainbow Health Community,

Rainbow Health’s mission is to work for equitable health care access and outcomes for people who experience injustice at the intersection of health status and identity. While our extraordinary teams continue to fight for health equity for our clients, we have at times fallen short of this within our own organization. The mission that defines our work should also be the standard for our own workplace culture and values.

We know the impact of systemic racism because we are on the front lines fighting it every day in our communities, and we have been fighting it within our organization as well.

As the result of missteps over the years, we find ourselves trying to correct a culture that does not live up to our core values. If we are to fight racism outside of our walls, there is no room for racism inside of them. We are a collection of passionate and dedicated people fighting for equity. This isn’t just the spark behind our work but a purpose that binds us together as one Rainbow Health. And as one Rainbow Health, we must move forward.

I encourage every Rainbow Health employee to be part of this change. Since the day he started at Rainbow Health, CEO Jeremy Hanson Willis has worked to align our workplace culture with the ideals we know this organization is capable of – a safe and respectful workplace where open dialogue and transparency are valued. I am proud of and thankful for Jeremy’s work because while we have not been able to yet achieve this goal, this has always been Jeremy and our Board’s intention. But we need your help.

I encourage our employees to be involved in our new, bottom-up budget development and to have direct dialogue with Rainbow Health leadership about not only the challenges we face as an organization but the solutions that must be in place to achieve change. Finally, I ask everyone to show Rainbow Health’s leadership the same respect you are asking for. This group of people is working tirelessly to put our organization on the right path, but we must do this together in an environment where everyone feels safe and heard. Our organization needs solutions, and solutions can only come from a place of mutual trust and respect.

I know we can get there together.

I cannot thank you enough for your commitment to Rainbow Health’s mission and the work you are doing to change lives every day. We will make Rainbow Health stronger because of our collective commitment to end health disparities in our communities and HIV. But this work cannot be done in silos. We must do this work together. While the challenges have never been greater, our resolve and dedication to our mission has never been stronger.


Cyrus Malbari

Board Chair

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