Moving Forward Together

Originally Published: 11/11/2016

Dear Minnesota AIDS Project community-

We live in uncertain times, and that uncertainty can be painful, frightening, and bewildering. But there is one thing in which we are certain: We won’t stop until there are zero new cases of HIV, zero instances of HIV-related stigma, and zero AIDS-related deaths in Minnesota. Our services continue uninterrupted. For those that need legal help, need transportation to a doctor, are seeking health insurance, want free condoms, need an HIV test, or need help with any other HIV concern, we are here. Our doors are open. You can still reach out to us.

In 1983, MAP was founded by those who were being ignored and disenfranchised as HIV was killing communities that lacked power. Our HIV prevention programs and HIV support services were built in spite of a climate of fear and apathy. We don’t know what the next few years will look like, but MAP is ready to fight to block any efforts to reduce, remove or repeal funding, policies, or laws that support people living with HIV and those impacted by this virus. We will not allow the communities we serve to be attacked, intimidated, or disenfranchised. We will not move backward in the fight to end HIV and the fight to support every single Minnesotan affected.

To those who are feeling afraid in these uncertain times, we extend our love and support. Reach out to the Minnesota AIDSLine at 612-373-2437 and we can connect you with affirming community resources. OutFront Minnesota’s Anti-Violence Crisis Line is available at 612-822-0127 option 3 if you experience bias-related intimidation or violence. The Trevor Project is at 866-488-7386 and the Trans Lifeline is at 877-565-8860 if you or someone you love are at risk for self-harm.

We cannot and we will not allow the compromising of our vision of a Minnesota where new HIV infections are eliminated and individuals with HIV live long and healthy lives. We need you now more than ever to make that vision a reality.