Lavendar Magazine: Making a Hard Choice – A Lesson from “Bob’s Choice”

[This story was published by Lavendar Magazine on 6/30/2022]

When it comes to making decisions atthe end of a person’s life, we are faced with hard choices.There are free resources available across the country for those considering their end of life wishes, and it differs from state to state – including Minnesota and the surrounding states.

An organization called Compassion & Choices serves to educate around end-of-life care, and support legislation that improves options. Their experience with the LGBTQ community gives them an advantage as a resource for an individual’s end-of-life decisions.

We discussed these resources with Dr. Rebecca Thoman, the Doctors for Dignity Director for Compassion & Choices in Minnesota. She explained how once such choice could be beneficial for one’s end-of-life decision. She spoke to us as the documentary, “Bob’s Choice,” which was shown on June 14 with a panel discussion after the showing. The documentary was produced by NBC affiliate KING5 in Seattle a few years. The showing was co-hosted by Rainbow Health and the First Unitarian Society, where they were joined by lawmakers and storytellers on the panel afterwards…

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