With Compassion and Care: Franco’s Story

It can be difficult to ask for help. Especially after your world has turned upside down as it did for Franco, a Rainbow Health client. Franco’s husband of 27 years died by suicide, leaving Franco with previously unknown debts and an empty bank account. “I thought I was the strongest man in the world. I went to work every day; I was the breadwinner. My world crumbled,” Franco explains. Franco lost his health insurance and could no longer see his mental health counselor. “I got so depressed and I thought no one was going to be able to help… everywhere I turned was basically a dead-end, no matter how much I tried.” Franco went into a tunnel of anxiety and fear leading to a dangerous situation in which Franco attempted suicide.

Not long after this dark moment in his life, he got connected with Rainbow Health. He started receiving mental health therapy, benefits navigators helped him find health insurance again, and he met his housing advocate, Scott. “He was really on top of my case, he was there when I had questions or needed something. Scott explained everything about the process.” When his phone service was disconnected and he was afraid he lost his line to help, the team at Rainbow Health was persistent. “I always got called back and if they didn’t reach me, they tried again. They reached me, they found me.”

Franco felt supported, cared for, and understood at Rainbow Health. He remembers hanging up the phone with Scott and feeling like “I’m part of society, I wasn’t discarded.” Franco credits his success to this tenacious, compassionate approach by Rainbow Health staff. Franco wants to be open about his struggle with mental health because he wants others to reach out for help instead of hiding. We thank Franco for sharing his story and inspiring others.

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