Day One

Areas of Practice
  • Aging
  • HIV
Provider Service Categories
  • Outreach/Advocacy
  • Psychosocial Support Services
  • Referral for Health Care/Support Services
Street Address:
1000 East 80th St. Bloomington, MN 55420
Summary of Services Provided

Day One is a statewide network of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and youth and community advocacy programs in Minnesota, hosted through Cornerstone Advocacy Services. Both the Minnesota Crisis Line and Crime Victim Support Line are hosted through Day One, and accept calls, texts, and online messages at the website to provide communication however individuals are able.

Calling these lines provides contact with advocates specifically trained to connect individuals seeking safety and resources to programs and agencies and programs that best fit their needs. These advocates are dedicated to supporting survivors and diminishing barriers to safety and support.

No matter where you are in Minnesota, you can contact the Minnesota Day One® Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking Crisis Line and you will be connected with someone who can help.

If you are in an immediate emergency, please call 911.

MN Day One Crisis Line

  • Call: 866-223-1111
  • Text: 612-399-9995

Minnesota Crime Victim Support Line

  • Call: 866-385-2699
  • Text: 612-399-9977


Provider Statement

Day One originated in and is unique to Minnesota. True to its grassroots beginnings, Day One stands in solidarity with social justice movements and is committed to survivor-centered advocacy. Day One is dedicated to sustaining a diverse network of agencies; we recognize that anyone can be a victim of violence, regardless of age, race, class, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Appointment Formats
Business Hours
24 Hours

24-hour phone services through MN Day One Crisis Line and MN Day One Crime Victim Support Line

Payment Options
No Fee