Newly Diagnosed

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An HIV diagnosis is a life-altering event that will require a number of changes in order to maintain your health. It is important to remember that HIV is now a manageable disease and that you can live a long, healthy life with successful treatment and support. Rainbow Health is here to help you navigate the terrain, and get connected to support and medical care to help you manage your HIV.

  • Get support: Learning that you are HIV-positive can be very difficult and stressful. Be patient with yourself and your reactions. Identify a trusted friend or family member you can disclose your status to and get support from. Build a support network that works for you and consider connecting to a therapist, support group, or peers living with HIV.
  • Find a doctor: Finding a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about HIV is important in creating a long-range health plan for you. Connect to a doctor you like who is knowledgeable about HIV.
  • Start treatment: Selecting the right treatment plan can help put you in control of your health. Starting treatment soon after diagnosis supports the best long-term health outcomes. Develop a treatment plan with your provider that will work with your schedule as medication adherence is important in keeping you healthy and reducing the risk of transmitting the virus to others.

Remember that the Rainbow Health AIDSLine is available to provide support, information, and referrals as you adjust to your diagnosis. Contact us at 612-373-2437 to talk and learn more.


The Minnesota AIDSLine is Minnesota’s statewide information and referral service that can answer your questions about HIV and link you to help. You can reach the AIDSLine at 612-373-2437; email:; or text AIDSLine to 839863.