On-Demand and Public Trainings

We provide live trainings via webinar and in-person for individuals and small groups on topics like HIV, LGBTQ+ competency, aging, sexual health, and more. These trainings are geared toward social workers, case managers, medical professionals, public health professionals, and care providers who are looking for continuing education. That being said, all professionals and individuals are welcome to sign up for public trainings.

Each training features videos, interactive discussions, intersectional content, and vibrant instruction. We are committed to providing high-quality education and are constantly improving our curriculum to stay up-to-date and engaging.

All of our trainings are approved for continuing education credits by the Minnesota Board of Social Work. If you are interested in pursuing continuing education credits for another board, please reach out to discuss options – we can help ensure our courses meet the requirements for various boards.

“I’m very appreciative to Rainbow Health for presenting Trans 101 to Medica employees as part of Medica’s Pride month activities! The biggest takeaway for me is that cisgender people also use medications and surgeries to have their bodies match their genders. Also, pronouns can be new and intimidating for some; when in doubt, ask! Finally, we need to be open to change.”

– Nicholas Lindgren, Medica employee

On-Demand E-Learnings

We currently offer three e-learning modules to provide you with the fundamentals of LGBTQ+ health equity. No matter what your role is in the health and human services sector, you can learn the basics of working with LGBTQ+ communities through these online courses.

Available Courses

  • Module 1 – Introduction to LGBTQ Equity and Inclusion
  • Module 2 – Collecting Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Data
  • Module 3 – Implicit Association and LGBTQ Healthcare

Each course features videos, interactive animations, PDF documents, as well as guides on how to implement LGBTQ+ inclusive practices in your clinic or organization. While each course is designed to last approximately 60-90 minutes, they are self-paced. You can decide whether you’d like to complete it all at once or take the weekend! Once enrolled, there is no deadline to complete each module. As a bonus, you will have ongoing access to each module you enroll in, even after you complete it.

There is an option to take these courses for free, or to earn CEUs for a small price.