Private and Custom Trainings

For organizations, agencies, and medium to large groups, we offer private and often customized trainings. We can alter the length, examples used, and topic intersections to fit your needs. In the past, we’ve created custom LGBTQ+ competency trainings for probation officers, Trans 101 courses for insurance providers, and HIV instructor trainings for teams of social workers. The sky is the limit!

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“I’ve participated in multiple trainings with Rainbow Health over the years and knew that their custom training would be the perfect way to refresh existing staff and educate new staff after a relatively dormant year that included a lot of remote work due to COVID-19 and canceled in-person trainings and education. Their team was easy to work with in planning and attentive to the variation in knowledge and learning needs of my team during the multi-day trainings. They were able to give my team plenty of resources, tools, and increased confidence in their work moving forward.”

– Nafula Namuninia, Sexual Health Education and Outreach Programs Supervisor

What are my Options?

Option 1: The Basics

An intro-level course: 1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours

Popular courses include LGBTQ+ 101, Trans 101, HIV 101, LGBT Aging, and HIV and Aging.

This option is perfect for teams that are new to these concepts, have limited time and money, and want to get their feet wet before diving in.

Option 2: A Package Deal

A package that includes an intro-level course and one or more follow-up sessions. Each course: 1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours.

This option is perfect for teams that are committed to meaningful change. The first session will introduce the concepts. The second (and third, fourth, etc.) session will be customized based on where more focus, attention, and practice is needed.

Option 3: Custom Trainings

A custom package that includes customizing our existing curriculum to fit specific needs.

Work with our educators to define a plan of action. This option is great for teams that are looking for specific case studies or examples, a focus on a particular condition (like an intersection with mental health or HIV), or a series of trainings for various audiences of varying lengths.

Option 4: Assessments

This option is perfect for teams that are ready to overhaul their entire system of practice or care. Using our MN LGBTQ Standards of Inclusion, an interdisciplinary team will collaborate with your agency to review all of your documents, policies, procedures, and environment. We will work together to define next steps, recommend important changes, and design custom trainings for your staff. This hands-on approach can help you take the next step toward inclusivity for your employees and clients.


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