Do you want to be able to provide the best possible care for your LGBTQ+ clients or clients living with HIV? We offer audit and assessment services.

An interdisciplinary team will collaborate with your agency to review all of your documents, policies, procedures, and environment. We will work together to define next steps, recommend important changes, and design training for your staff. This hands-on approach can help you take the next step toward inclusivity for your employees and clients.

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MN LGBTQ Standards of Inclusion

We conduct all of our assessments and audits based on the MN LGBTQ Standards of Inclusion.

This trailblazing project brought LGBTQ inclusion to health and human services in the state of Minnesota, creating the “LGBTQ+ Standards of Inclusion” (SOI) together with the guidance of an advisory board, a community review board, and a government review board.

The Standards of Inclusion development team consisted of two staff from Rainbow Health Initiative (RHI) and 13 members of the Advisory Board. The members of the board were from various backgrounds and brought a wealth of LGBTQ health experience to this project. Each group had a particular role on the standards.

This project was funded by a Bush Foundation Community Innovation Grant.

SOI Advisory Board members: Alex Jackson Nelson, Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, Barbara Satin, Dr. Dionne Hart, Dr. Eli Coleman, Erin Wilkins, Dr. John Knudsen, Khalid Adam, Nathalie Isis Crowley, Peek Ehlinger, Sandra Laski, Dr. Eric Meininger, Dr. Mauricio Cifuentes.