Do you want to provide the best possible care for your LGBTQ+ clients or clients living with HIV, but don’t know where to begin? Our audit and assessment services may be just what your organization needs.

In an assessment, an interdisciplinary team will collaborate with your agency on an in-depth review of your documents, policies, procedures, and environment. We will work together to define next steps, recommend important changes, and design training for your staff. These recommendations and trainings will be tailored to the specific needs of your clients and employees. In the end, you will come away with a thorough, sustainable plan to make your organization welcoming and affirming for LGBTQ+ clients and clients with HIV.

Our assessments are highly customizable and can work for a wide range of organizations, budgets, topics, and levels of involvement. To get started, fill out this form or contact us at

Consulting and Assessment Services

Using a thorough assessment, we identify areas of growth and provide concrete recommendations necessary to build a culture of inclusion within your workplace. We assess multiple aspects of your organization, including:

  • Staff and Client Experience
    • Conduct surveys and stakeholder interviews.
      • Assess baseline attitudes and knowledge. Gain insight into the experiences of LGBTQ+ staff/clients.
    • Observe sessions with clients.
  • Physical Environment
    • Perform a physical walkthrough of the space.
    • Assess aspects of the environment such as:
      • Lobby/waiting rooms, wall art, bathrooms, client spaces, signage
  • Policies
    • Review policies and procedures, such as:
      • Nondiscrimination, dress code, harassment, accessibility, code of conduct, cultural competency, reporting complaints.
  • Internal and External Documents
    • Review documents for staff and clients, such as:
      • Intake forms, orientation curriculum, employee/client handbook.
    • Review marketing materials, such as:
      • Website, newsletters, advertisements.
  • Training
    • After assessing, we apply what we’ve learned to design custom training for your staff.

Project Process

Phase 1: Research and Discovery

Our staff will do initial research by assessing websites, marketing, and any publicly available information. We will tailor our assessment tools based on our Phase 1 findings (to be utilized in Phase 2) to customize our plan for assessing LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Phase 2: Assessment

We will collect information on the current practices and policies. A few of the things we look at are the physical space, the intake process, information management, staff training, an assessment of current staff comfort and competency, program development, clinical practice, and policy language.

Each organization is unique in its structure and mission, therefore the specifics on how inclusion should be achieved is up to the organization to decide using our recommendations as a foundation for change. Rainbow Health assessors help to find out why people have chosen to do things the way they do and what other options have been considered. We aim to transition from achieving excellence to excellence becoming a standard practice.

Phase 3: Training and Technical Guidance

Utilizing the information gathered in Phase 1 and 2, our team of expert trainers will create tailored curriculums for the identified areas of improvement. Likely, a training will be created to support clinical staff, one for support staff, and then a general competency training for all other personnel (including janitorial, front desk, accounting, etc.).

The Phase 1 and 2 findings will inform the technical guidance needs, which may include (but not be limited to) policy updates, intake process changes, and suggestions for the physical environment.

Phase 4: Follow-up and Ongoing Support

Supporting LGBTQ+ clients and becoming a welcoming space is an ongoing project. Some of our recommendations may include annual trainings, new staff trainings, and consultations for specific events. We plan to include surveys to re-evaluate staff comfort and competency, evaluate changes made in response to our findings, and be a source of ongoing support.

“What a wonderful experience with Rainbow Health! We worked together to create several LGBTQ-specific trainings for my organization.  We appreciated the expertise they brought to the project as well as their overall organization, time management, and professionalism. Their ability to willingly adjust their schedule to be available when needed was very refreshing. They suggested new ideas during the development while listening to the specific requests we desired for the trainings. They applied creative thinking to implement trainings that were best suited for our organization’s needs. They delivered a very thoughtful, well-constructed, and effective training that was well received within our organization. They exceeded our expectations!”

 Stephanie BuelowTransformative Services Planner 

MN LGBTQ+ Standards of Inclusion

  1. Create and Sustain an Inclusive Physical Environment for LGBTQ+ Communities
  2. Recruit and Retain LGBTQ+ Employees
  3. Require LGBTQ+ Culturally Responsive Education for All Care Providers and Support Staff
  4. Develop Policies, Procedures, and Care Provisions that are Intersectional
  5. Implement an Equitable and Inclusive LGBTQ+ Patient Experience from Intake through Completion of Care

We conduct all of our assessments and audits based on the MN LGBTQ Standards of Inclusion.

This trailblazing project brought LGBTQ+ inclusion to health and human services in the state of Minnesota, creating the “LGBTQ+ Standards of Inclusion” (SOI) together with the guidance of an advisory board, a community review board, and a government review board.

SOI Advisory Board

The Standards of Inclusion development team consisted of two staff from Rainbow Health and 13 members of the Advisory Board. The members of the board were from various backgrounds and brought a wealth of LGBTQ+ health experience to this project. Each group had a particular role in the standards.

This project was funded by a Bush Foundation Community Innovation Grant and was most recently updated in August of 2021.

SOI Advisory Board members: Alex Jackson Nelson, Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, Barbara Satin, Dr. Dionne Hart, Dr. Eli Coleman, Erin Wilkins, Dr. John Knudsen, Khalid Adam, Nathalie Isis Crowley, Peek Ehlinger, Sandra Laski, Dr. Eric Meininger, Dr. Mauricio Cifuentes.

Rainbow Health Contributors and Editors: Dylan Flunker, Megan Mueller, Hannah McNamee, Allison Jones, Lexus Stokes.