National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

NWGHAAD Award Nomination


The planning committee is now accepting nominations for the NWGHAAD Award to be given during the conference on March 9, 2024. The purpose of the award is to recognize women for their outstanding contributions in the fight of HIV/AIDS and the awareness of the impact on women.

To nominate an individual, please complete and submit the nomination form below by February 23, 2024.

This award is only eligible for clients, and they must be open with their HIV status. If you have any questions, you may email [email protected].


RSVP to NWGHAAD on this page.

In your narrative describe the following:

  • Please describe your nominee’s exceptional professional achievements and contributions or service, as they relate to HIV Prevention and Treatment.
  • What other attributes has your nominee demonstrated to support this nomination?
  • Please describe the impact of your nominee on a local, state, regional, national, and/or international level.
  • Is there anything else about your nominee that you would like the committee to consider?


NWGHAAD Award Nomination Form


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